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Kiln dried firewood is the best clean alternative to traditional firewood. Kiln dried firewood logs have a moisture content of less than 20% and reduce the levels of emission in the air.

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Kiln dried firewood is wood that has been dried in a kiln. It is typically sold in small packages and designed for people requiring wood for only a few days, though it can be found in larger supplies. The kiln bakes the firewood, forcing out the moisture that is naturally present. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firewood

Clean burning firewood you can depend on that won’t clog your chimney.

The process of kiln-drying wood reduces the moisture content of wood to make it more suitable for burning. An unseasoned log means that a great deal of the energy which is released during combustion is simply wasted in evaporating the moisture content. This wasted energy could be utilized in heating your home or stove but instead it all simply goes up the chimney. Seasoned logs like ours have a much lower moisture content thanks to the forced drying procedure. We always confirm every face cord is down to the right percentage of moisture before it leaves our garage! We sell by the face cord or full cord. https://www.texpol.org/product/pine-wood-shavings/

Types of Kiln Dried Firewood:
– Ash firewood
– Beech firewood
– Pine firewood
– Birch firewood
– Eucalyptus firewood
– Oak firewood
– Hornbeam firewood
– Alder firewood
– Poplar firewood https://www.texpol.org/product/pine-wood-chips/

Double Crate of Kiln-Dried Birch:
Contents: Kiln-Dried Oak, Beech, Ash, Hornbeam, Birch
Volume: Approx. 2000 litre https://www.texpol.org/product/pellets-de-madeira/
Weight: Approx. 840-880kg
Moisture Content: Under 10% to 15%
Burning Characteristics: Excellent heat with bright flame and beautiful aesthetics

Single Crate of Kiln Dried Firewood Oak, Beech, Ash, Hornbeam, Birch
Kiln-Dried Birch https://www.texpol.org/product/tre-pellets/
Volume: Approx. 1000 litre
Weight: Approx. 420-440 kg
Moisture Content: Under 10% to 15%
Burning Characteristics: Excellent heat with bright flame and beautiful aesthetics

Kiln Dried Firewood
Content: Kiln-Dried Oak, Beech, Ash, Hornbeam, Birch
Volume: Approx. 40 litres
Weight: Approx. 15kg
Moisture Content: 12% to 18%
Burning Characteristics: Excellent, clean, consistent and convenient.

Measures outside: 1.2 m x 0.8 m x 2.0 m.
Split length: 25-100 cm
width of the split: 8-16cm
Wood fire size: 25cm, 33 cm or 50 cm;
Length: 20cm to 50mm
Burn Value: 90-95%
Humidity: 12%
Ash Content (db): 0.5%
Abrasion: 2.0%
Calorific Value: > 4500kcal/kg
Diameter: 5cm to 15cm https://www.texpol.org/product/pini-kay-briquettes/

Kiln dried firewood is the best clean alternative to traditional firewood. Kiln dried firewood logs have a moisture content of less than 20% and reduce the levels of emission in the air. Burning traditional wet wood increases emissions and has a greater impact on the environment. Kiln dried firewood is ready to burn straight away without the need of drying them. It has less bark and debris and makes it very easy for inside storage. Kiln dried logs create less smoke and light in weight, which makes them ignite easily and burn efficiently without any smoke. https://www.texpol.org/contact-us/

One of the main benefits of burning kiln dried logs is that they burn much longer and slower than seasoned and semi-seasoned logs. In addition to this, hardwood logs burn much longer and slower than softwood species, therefore we always recommend burning kiln dried hardwood logs.

If you are a regular fire pit (or fireplace) user you’ve most likely heard of kiln-dried firewood and maybe even used it.

If you are not familiar with this option, this type of firewood provides a lot of upside for the fire pit user at a slight, but well worth it, premium over conventionally seasoned firewood.

If you buy your firewood vice chopping it yourself or are considering other options, read on and I’ll bring you up to speed on kiln-dried firewood and why you might want to consider using it in your next fire pit burn.

Due to the lower moisture content of kiln-dried wood, you receive the most efficient, clean-burning firewood available. The kiln-drying process removes the moisture from the wood so it burns cleaner, hotter and more efficiently than standard firewood. That equates to using less wood to put out the same amount of heat.

Kiln-dried firewood holds several advantages over wood that has been chopped, stacked, and dried by the air and exposure to the sun over a period of time. Kiln-dried firewood is:

Ready to burn immediately
Easier to start and stays lit
Hotter burning
Low smoking
Free of bugs, fungus, and mold

From a practical perspective, commercially kiln dried clean scraps of lumber (also called dimensional lumber) are a pretty safe alternative to traditional cut firewood. Because they are bark-free, and are usually stored indoors, this is a very low risk wood choice. Treated wood is highly toxic when burned.

In another blog, we discussed the process of seasoning your own wood. And, although possible, many of our customers just don’t have that free time to waste. Luckily, there’s a faster, more efficient way: kiln drying! In this post, Coal Hut is taking a deep-dive into kiln dried wood.

We’ll cover everything from the importance of wood moisture content, the kiln drying process and so much more. Read more to find out how to get industry-leading kiln dried wood at CoalHut.com.
Green vs dry wood:
Once hardwood logs have been harvested, they are classed as ‘green’. This refers to the moisture content currently held in the wood itself. ‘Green’ wood is typically made up of more than 60% water. https://www.texpol.org/product-category/wood-shavings/
These moisture levels make for unfavorable burning conditions in the likes of stoves and closed appliances, making the firewood difficult to light and causing it to produce excess smoke and low heat output.
In order to obtain dry, easy-to-light firewood, the first option available would be to season your own wood. This involves leaving wood logs in a sheltered area outside for an extended period of time. https://www.texpol.org/product-category/firewood/
Though it may seem relatively easy to do, it can be a time-consuming and arduous process — wood seasoning can take from 6 months to a year!


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