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In order to process our products in compliance with the global standard for the production of wood pellets, our professionals use one of the best techniques. Additionally, to guarantee their superior standard, our quality inspectors test these products based on a number of criteria. For optimal production, we also have a well-equipped factory with cutting-edge machinery and a storage facility.

Our products can be shipped by sea or by land for delivery. Our export deliveries make up over 80% of our pellet sales. We collaborate with numerous shipping firms both domestically and abroad. These shipping businesses assist us in delivering our supplies on schedule.

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What We Do?

With a focus on premium bark mulch, our wood products are of the greatest quality in the tri-state area. We guarantee that every load is consistent, uniform, and uncontaminated because it is made of virgin fibre.

With our own fleet of trucks and nine years of experience in the industry, we can provide affordable pricing with unmatched dependability and service. Our staff members and truck drivers are committed to our business and the service we offer. We will continue working into the wee hours of the morning to guarantee a timely, trustworthy delivery.


For best-in-class services, safety, and sustainable processes, to keep our own private fleet and our own value-added processing yard.

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