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Brown Film Faced Plywood is an exterior Plywood used in building and construction projects. It has Black film coating on made with phenol or melamine glue, it has better brightness and Flatness.

Brown Film Faced Plywood also has higher density, so it is stronger and better waterproof application. The brown film can give the plywood higher resistance to moisture, abrasion, chemical degradation and fungal attack compared to ordinary plywood.


Product Name: Poplar Brown Film Faced Plywood Or Black Film Faced
Material: Poplar,Hardwood,Birch,Combi.etc.
Thickness(mm): 1.6mm-30mm
Density(kg/m3): 500-700 according to different wood species
Face & back: Black,Brown,imported Dynea film,other colors are available,
smooth,anti-slip,Marineplex,Hexa pattern,Fanera,etc.
Glue Type: Phenolic WBP,Melamine WBP,MR
Application: Mold-scaffold platforms,roofing,flooring,walls,doors in vehicles,
agricultural trailers,containers,advertising signs,stage,etc.
Pressing Process: One time hot pressed,two times hot pressed
Repeated times: 8-15(Poplar),15-25(Hardwood),30-50(Birch)


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